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One of the main benefits that movie fans have been realizing about satellite television is that it can bring you access to entire libraries full of newly released films. For some of the specific details of such movie packages, take a quick visit to http://www.satellitetvfamily.com/. You will surely notice that premium movie channels offered by satellite packages bring fans movies more quickly than ever, so that new releases in the theaters can be streamed in your living room in no time. So, for example, you could soon be enjoying recent horror films like those mentioned below.

Apollo 18

Apollo 18

Apollo 18 ‚Apollo 18 certainly wasn’t for everyone, and indeed did not receive very many good reviews ‚ however, for fans of a certain genre of horror films that has come to be known as ‚found footage, the film was enjoyable. Essentially, the plot of the movie follows a small, secret group of astronauts sent to the moon on a vague mission, only to discover that there are horrors there that threaten their lives. While the movie has no memorable acting performances, and leaves much to be desired in plot and exposition, it is presented as if it were edited footage from the astronauts‚ cameras. It is meant to appear as ‚found footage, rather than as an actual film. So, for people who enjoy movies like Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield, it may be exciting to have Apollo 18 available shortly.

Contagion ‚ Many would not classify Contagion so much as a horror film as a drama or even mystery. However, this film, which essentially shows a range of reactions to a deadly, worldwide epidemic in modern times, is without a doubt horrifying. The film shows us everything from crime to despair, from mob scenes to mass death, in depicting what exactly a worldwide epidemic would do to the human race in the 21st century. The tone is very real, and as such the movie’s content is as chilling as any popular horror film.

Of course, these are just a few examples out of the hundreds of films that have been released in the last year. However, these movies, just recently having hit theaters, will be available for people with certain satellite programming packages very soon. If you consider yourself particularly enthusiastic about films, and find that you can’t wait to see them after they leave the theaters, you may want to consider one of these packages. You will be able to enjoy films like the ones outlined above more quickly and more often than ever.

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