August 18, 2013 2:30 pm

A new web series available called: “Sinners. Which one is you?” This is the first web series inspired by “The Divine Comedy”.

“Sinners. Which one is you?” was created by Filmmaker David Petrucci. In this web series, you will meet characters induced to sin by evil forces.

Just one way for Sinners… Undergo the Dante’s Hell punishments and then come back on earth to serve their executioner. Sinners are everywhere in the world so each episode takes place in a different country. Which one is you?

These short episodes are perfect for all those that love horror movies. Check them out below!

“Sinners. Which one is you?” Episode 1 – I N D O L E N T

“Sinners. Which one is you?” Ep2 – L U S T F U L