September 9, 2013 7:07 pm
Gnarly Movie

Gnarly Movie

Instead of telling the traditional shark story involving a unsuspecting swimmer or boater, GNARLY takes us on an adventure with a different kind of main character, a pro-surfer, in a charming beach community that is not at all what it seems. Gnarly is filmed in Cocoa Beach, Florida –  a popular beach known for its shark attacks.

It is obvious that the US in general has a unique obsession with sharks and shark media. The phenomenon of Shark Week has taken the world by storm, and Gnarly Buds Productions plans to take advantage of this strange attraction.

Sharks are a very ancient predator in our world and this intrigues people. It’s a part of nature. A very terrifying and real threat that has survived centuries and

GnarlyGnarly goes into detail on this front and brings people back to Earth. These characters learn that they are not above nature, they learn they can’t defy death, and their pride is what often clouds their perspective. The film emphasizes the survival of the shark species over time as the ultimate natural predator, and reminds the audience that their threat is still very real.

The most important thing that Gnarly does is use the threat of these vicious creatures as a method to present a commentary about the characters and culture of our current society. The inclusion of sharks within the premise of Gnarly is not just to capitalize on a noticeable obsession with the animal, they are a
key element used to put out a message for the audience.

Pushing further than a gory shark attack thriller, every element of the Gnarly script is there to say something a bit more. However, the film adds to this by coupling the shark attack horror genre with a slew of elements from other genres such as “The Party Movie”, “The Athlete/Sport Movie,” and a touch of scifi thrill. All of these elements heighten the film’s ability to attract viewers from our target audience
and keep them attached with a truly unique and innovative story.

Production of Gnarly will commence Summer of 2014, to be released August 2015.