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It is interesting to note that many horror movies have several gothic fashion and gothic aesthetic in their films. Some are: 

The Hunger – a vampire flick with David Bowie and Susan Sarandon. Its opening scene shows a view of a dance club with a caged Peter Murphy singing “Bela Lugosi’s Dead.”

Rocky Horror Picture Show – a cult classic musical with Tim Curry as a flamboyant transvestite. A little too strange to be described. Most small independent film theaters will have a Rocky Horror showing night now and again where people come dressed as the characters. There is a stage area where players mimic the movie as it plays. A caller leads the standard interjected addition of lines, and the audience participates in the scenes by throwing rice at the wedding scene, squirting squirtguns during the scene where it’s raining, dancing during the “Time Warp” song etc. Quite a fun event.

Hellraiser – Some horror flicks hit it big with Goths.

Dracula – from Bela Lugosi’s version to the Francis Ford Coppola version, it tends to be a big classic (as well as the book).

Edward Scissorhands – with Johnny Depp, a movie about a misfit with an unusual hedge-trimming genius who seems a bit out of place in the picture perfect suburbia.

The Nightmare Before Christmas – catchy tunes like “This Is Halloween” and classic characters like Jack the Pumpkin King and Sally make it a big hit with Goths.

Batman Returns – I think that the wintertime atmosphere and the sleek sexy fetish inspired catwoman costume make this movie gothic. It had a darker feel than all of the following sequels.

The Craft – 1996 film with Neve Campbell. This wasn’t that good of a movie, and it has more to do with witchcraft than gothic. However, it is one of the few movies that has a goth chick as a main character, not that she is portrayed in a realistically Goth way.

Gothic – not what you might first think, its true to the original gothic literature movement. It is a movie about the night that Mary Shelley first came up with the idea for Frankenstein. Full of ghost stories, hallucinations, horror and madness.

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