May 22, 2015 10:19 am


“Over the last year, we have been working to negotiate the secure use of the distinctive 13th Century Manor House in West Bromwich, which is run by Curator Rachel Kinsella and her wonderful team”explains Dave Hastings.

“The house has the distinctive ‘Britishness’ we wanted to capture, and we have loads of eerie plans in place which will allow it to strongly support our script. The diabolical stories within will be only strengthened by us using the beautiful Manor House!” he continues.

The House of Screaming Death Horror Movie

Echoing the distinctive and much celebrated great British Gothic Horror films of the 1960-70s, The House of Screaming Death horror movie will uphold the successful traditions of classic British Gothic Horror films of the past with the telling of four macabre tales of terror all related by the mysterious Architect. Each horrific segment delves into explicit corners of the supernatural, summoning such damned creations as the ghostly Lady in Grey, stories of Witchcraft most foul, Vampirism & the Occult. And the ghostly and stunning Manor House will help these tales to be told to their full potential!

Dave remarks further that “the Manor House is a truly majestic location and we have been working hard with the lovely people there to negotiate us using it. It is a testament to their kindness that they are willing to allow us to come and produce our vision there and how much they support the arts and local filmmakers in the Midlands”.

But this is where the incoming Indiegogo funding campaign can help as producer Kaush Patel explains. “With the Manor House being a museum, they do not get as much funding deserve, and our Indiegogo campaign will enable us to give them some financial return so that they can pay the workers there to help us with utilising the various rooms and lands around the estate successfully and efficiently. It will also be given as a massive thank you for allowing us to use the location too. With the Arts struggling in the UK already, it is always nice to make sure you give back what you can and support one another. With our incoming Indiegogo campaign, you can help us raise money that will go towards the cost of keeping the Manor House open, not just to us to help make the film, but to everyone who wants to visit!”

The Manor House is also the perfect location for this spooky project since it was recently voted the third most haunted house in the Midlands, which stems from its considerable wealth of rich history. According to their website it was “built by Richard de Marnham in the 1270s [and is] now probably one of the most important surviving medieval timber framed buildings in the Midlands… Murder, grave robbing and insanity are all part of the story of this fascinating and unique building”, and that’s before we even film there! “The crew are all excited by the ghostly stories we’ve been hearing too” Mr Patel continues.

The Indiegogo campaign will launch in late May and will include loads of devilish perks and rewards which you can purchase to help us bring true British Gothic Horror Films back to life! To keep up to date on all the latest developments of this terrifying new horror movie anthology, please follow this horror movie through Facebook /Twitter or at the official website at

 The House of Screaming Death horror movie will go into production in late 2015 with a release date planned for 2016 and is presented by PAT THE BULL FILMS & LIGHTBEAM PRODUCTIONS in association with 5CM/SEC FILMS and FLIRTY BIRD PRODUCTIONS