June 24, 2015 9:34 am

If you love HORROR MOVIES please support new indie film – PLASTIC TOYS!

Shot Positiv are creating something truly unique. As producers of psychological thrillers the aim of Shot Positiv is to develop original films that are both visually dazzling and emotionally challenging. Our team enjoy delving into mysterious and off-beat stories that fuse visceral, sexy characters with haunting and philosophical narratives.  That’s why our unique brand of erotic horror, macabre storytelling is  making such a global impact. PLASTIC TOYS – coming in 2016.


In upstate New York badboy Jason and his wayward girlfriend Tanzy lead a life of hardcore clubbing and low level drug dealing.  Things go from bad to worse when Jason winds up killing his mob-connected, drug-dealing buddie Novak and goes on the run.  When Tanzy catches Jason in the arms of stunning bartender Babefist she kicks him out of their apartment.

Jason – broke, desperate and wired – calls Babefist, who turns out to be a high class hooker!  Babefist introduces him to a lavish, secret underworld of whores and gangsters.  With girls and drugs available at the click of his fingers, Jason is in paradise. But when demented overlord Zill shows up things start to go wrong.

When Jason strays beyond the shimmering facade of glitz and glamour he soon unlocks a secret of unspoken darkness. As house rules are broken and fragile bonds undone Jason soon understands that if he doesn’t leave the whorehouse – he will die.

When making his escape Jason is shocked to find Tanzy working at the whorehouse!  They realise they are pawns trapped in a bizarre game. The whorehouse is revealed as a twisted facade – masking a world of tortured souls and dark sorcery.  couple agree to escape together but Zill’s demented cruelty knows no bounds and plans a hideous punishment for the doomed couple.  As their true, abysmal destiny becomes clear, Jason and Tanzy quickly realise that everyone around them is hiding a terrible, horrible secret.

A dark psycho-sexual voyage into the heart of evil, Plastic Toys will never leave you.