July 7, 2015 10:09 am

astral projection

Can I get possessed while I astral travel?

There is no possiblity that you can be possessed. Your material body and your astral body is connected by a silver cord. No one else can sever it and enter your body. Entities need a physical matter to tether into, and while projecting you have no physical matter they can tether to. Possessions are a possibility when you are in your body. This is why Seances and Ouija boards can be quite dangerous. Because you are calling entities to you while you are in your physical body.

astral projection

Can astral entities sever my silver cord?

The silver cord cannot be severed by anyone. This only happens during the hour of our death which arrived for a person, and that is a law

If I die while astral projecting will I die in real life?

astral projection

During astral projection, you may see some astral beings and negative entities but negative entities cannot hurt you or do anything to you. They are just representations of negativity. They may scare you but you can control them. You can change them into something positive like a flower. They are representations or YOUR negativity. If you battle these in the astral realm while you sleep and turn them positive, you will have no fear of it in the real world.

Astral projection is a state of larger consciousness, you will feel positivity and negativity unlike lucid dreaming where it’s a dream world where you can feel pleasure and pain. The worst thing that can happen to you in both areas is that you will just wake up in your material body so it is all safe.