July 29, 2015 9:55 am

The Spirits at Mater Dei Hospital – Malta (continued)

mater dei ghost

After last week’s post by one of Malta’s Newspapers ILLUM, below we have the new ghostly updates about the hauntings at Mater Dei Hospital, Malta. 

After the disappointment of the first night, I (spiritualist Pauljon) prepared a wider plan to what might happen in the next night.

It was at around 11.30 pm and we sat in the middle the corridor at Mater Dei. As time went by and the tension began to rise, what was expected to happen took place, but in a stronger way.

mater dei ghost

I saw Karen (the nurse at Mater Dei), get up and walk towards the room. I walked behind her. Karen went in front of the elderly patient. When she went near her, a bright light appeared and at times the light looked like small flickering lights. The nurse completely changed behavior and started talking to the ghostly spirit. I tried with my abilities to feel what was going on. After 20 minutes everything was back to normal. When I spoke to Karen, she informed me that there was a male spirit. The spirit was the husband of the elderly patient. He informed her that the patient soon would be called towards “The Light” and that we need to advise her children. After discussing this, the patient’s children were informed to come to the hospital. And it happened…at around 5.30am, the woman died. This was really and truly an experience that you never forget. Karen, after several meetings, decided to work only during the day and stop doing night shifts.