September 27, 2015 7:53 am

Mark and Debby Constantino were on the verge of divorce before the murders and suicide September 22, 2015. Claims of domestic violence on both sides had been waged since 2012.

There’s a mug shot taken of Debra Constantino in early 2012. Accused of domestic violence, this would not be the first time.

Her husband Mark filed a temporary protection order against her in July 2012 saying he was scared his wife would stab him. The July TPO would be rescinded the next day by Mark. The couple lived on Daybreak Drive in northwest Reno.

And it appears the relationship really started going south in August 2015. Court documents show Mark Constantino filed another TPO because he said Debra had swung a knife at him. She moved out of the house on August 5th 2015.

On August 10th, 2015 Debra filed a TPO against her husband. In the application she wrote her husband beat and strangled her to the point of unconsciousness.

the constantinos

It all started August 7; she said Mark told her Debra’s dog had gotten out. When she arrived at the house on Daybreak, she says her daughter Raquel ripped her car door open and started beating Debra’s friend.

She then wrote Mark pulled her out of the car, took her inside, beat her, and strangled her and threatened to slit her throat. Debra wrote her daughter Raquel did the same thing to her for an hour before police got to the home. Without the police, she said she would have died that night.

In that incident, Mark was charged with domestic battery, kidnapping and domestic battery with strangulation. The Constantinos’ daughter Raquel faced similar charges.

Debra asked for and was granted a TPO against her daughter as well.
September 10, 2015 she also asked for a divorce and temporary spousal support and attorney’s fees. In that paperwork she talks about Mark controlling everything, bleeding the accounts dry.

“By the grace of god,” she wrote, “I’m living with friends.”

That would be at a home on Escalera Court, where Tuesday, one of those friends would be found dead, and Debra unaccounted for.

In her divorce complaint Debra Constantino asks that she keep her business as she created it. She claimed Mark only came along for the ride, and has lost all credibility in the paranormal field.