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“One night I was caring for a dying male patient. He was scared and I spent quite some time with him, trying to calm and reassure him.

Eventually he calmed and I left the bedside and went over to the nurses station which was about 15 feet away. As I sat down I glanced over to him and there was a black shape standing over the bed, looking down at the patient. I was terrified, and am sure it was something evil.”

real ghost stories

“I used to work in and old labor and delivery unit. It was a small hospital, so often times I was back there by myself. I liked to keep the lights low and things quiet back there, so naturally I heard a lot of creeps and groans. There was a whole back hall unused, there was also no access to it accept by passing me. I could hears metal objects clanging, and doors shutting. Sounded like somebody was getting ready for a c section.I could always sense something there with me it seemed. There was also a back room on the med surg floor that was never used. It was a patient room converted to a storage room. That room was strange… Call light always going off, and nobody near it…Whole hospital had a creepy aura…Maybe it was the cemetary next door..If that in itself is not strange….”

“I work in a ltc facility and we have had numerous reports from pts that they have seen a little boy. This boy comes in their rooms, turns their call lights on and off, throw things on the floor. This facility used to be an orphanage!! Also there are stories of a oldfashioned nurse in the whole white dress and hat, would be seen going down the hall late at night doing her bed check and would go into someones room and stay there for a couple minutes if they were really sick or about to die. Well I guess one aide seen her awhile back and refused to go down that hall for a week, the persons room she went in just came back from the hospital still really sick.”

“We have a white figure that has been seen in the medicine room, sometimes the carts are moved down the hall while you are in a room giving meds, etc. One of the male CNAs reported seeing a very tall black figure going from room to room several times. We have all seen balls of light floating around. From what we have been able to gather from old pictures of the property that the nursing home is on there was a mobile home park at one end and a cemetary at the other end of the building. Everyone has seen a little boy walking around but the freakiest part was when they saw wet childrens foot prints coming down the hall and followed them to the wall and there were footprints in the snow outside that came right to that place in the wall.”

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