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Troma Institute for Gifted Youth Inductee 
18 Year Old Dylan Greenberg
Premieres New Music Video Today,
“Hey, Shut Up” by Matt Ellin
New Yo rk, New York. January 6, 2015.  -Greetings from Tromaville!
The Troma Institute for Gifted Youth has welcomed their second inductee, 18 year old Dylan Mars Greenberg, into their honorable institution alongside 19 year old Kansas Bowling (director of BC Butcher), it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, prexy of Troma Entertainment and creator of “T he Toxic Avenger”.  The induction marks the release of the already experienced director Greenberg’s newest release, music video for Matt Ellin’s, “Hey, Shut Up”. 
 Matt Ellin’s recent release of his EP, “Hey Nice” includes the track, “Hey, Shut Up” the inspiration song for Greenberg’s  
 newest music video release
Dylan Mars Greenberg got an early foothold into the art world; by the time she was 15 she was performing in East Village clubs and dive bars, releasing a full length synth pop album as “Disck” and ending up with a photo spread in NY Times Magazine. When she was 17, she directed her first feature film “Glamarus’, produced by veteran art film director and actor Scott Shaw. She followed this with her art-horror film Wakers and then almost immediately began production on another film called Dark Prism, which ended up generating massive press attention in Pitchfork, NME, Flavorwire, SPIN. and the AV Club. Greenberg’s style has been compared to Andy Warhol’s factory, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and David Lynch. She has worked with major figures in the entertainment industry such as Mac DeMarco, Matt Katz-Bohen, and Jacob Reynolds, underground art icons like Lloyd Kaufman, Reverend Jen, and Robert Prichard, and up and coming young people such as Sofe Cote, Blessing C.S., Sara Kaiser, Chandani Smith, and Max Husten. Critics have called the films of Greenberg everything from brilliant and nightmarish to awful and headache inducing. Regardless, Greenberg continues to be one of the most prolific young filmmakers in New York City. 
Today’s release of another magnanimous project, a music video she directed for fellow prodigy, 16 year old singer/songwriter Matt Ellin called, Hey, Shut Up”,   is  available now on Troma Movies YouTube Channel .  Matt Ellin is truly the real thing – at age 16 he is already an incredibly prolific musician with a growing following. His oddball and sometimes even unsettling charm are displayed for listeners in his first EP, “hey nice” containing 7 pieces of music, including his underground hit single: “Hey, Shut Up” and his song “it’s easy to be (a pylon like me)” which was featured in the studio feature film “Dark Prism”. 
Dylan’s video for, “Hey, Shut Up”calls on a nightmarish hallucinatory experience that is in part influenced by a fondness for the Tromatic sense of the grotesque without losing her unique and eerie style. Bizarre images, deployed with carefully crafted editing, juxtapose the seemingly sweet but mysterious vibe within the song. The collaboration between Greenberg and Ellin can be seen on Troma Movies YouTube, and the “Troma Institute for Gifted Youth” continues to uphold the highest standards for young filmmakers with its second inductee. 
At just 18 years old Dylan Mars Greenberg (above) has directed three feature length films.
 The music video is available on  Troma Movies Youtube channel , along with other videos and features directed by Kaufman.

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