January 29, 2016 11:58 am

My Scariest Paranormal Experience part 2

I recently switched rooms in my house to a room in my attic. Since I moved the things in my house have become more active. I’ve have began to sleep with the lights and television on. Some nights I’m completely unable to sleep and when I can’t things get bad.

On those nights I hear running in the hallway of my attic. Banging on my bedroom door. My name being eerily called each time I turn my back against the door. Sometimes being dragged out of my bed or being pushed as I change my clothes causing my to lose my balance.

I have tried blessing my room with holy water and holy oil. Burning sage and lining my door and window with salt, but it’s just getting worse. I see the shadows from the corner of my eye.

My dogs refuse to come anywhere near my room. They bark at nothing I’m going to continue blessing my room and hope for the best.

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