February 26, 2016 2:54 pm

Welcome to Paranormal Photography 101 class! Back in the back, can you hear me okay back there? Good! Take a seat, and take notes because I am going to tell and show you the secret to taking pictures of ghosts successfully in every photo!

The first thing you need is a location. It doesn’t have to be “haunted” it could be any location you want. Preferably one that will need a flash so anything indoors. But outdoor will work to, especially at night.

The second thing you need is a camera. Not special type needed. Any camera with a flash will do. Preferably one with a little wrist strap on it.

That’s it. No special equipment or “haunted house” need. Simple huh?

Now on to the how!

I’m going to show you how you can not only get a ghost in every picture, but CHOSE the type of ghost that shows up! Let’s Begin!

Would you like to take a picture of a “Vortex”?


If you would like to get a picture of a “vortex” here’s what you need to do.

First you will need to chose the area that you will take a picture, next turn on your flash and point the camera in such a way that the camera strap hangs in front of the lens. Next snap the picture. Viola! Vortex!

How about “ORBS”?

To take a picture of orbs here’s what you need to do. First make sure the flash is on. Second get a dust rag and wipe your TV. Third, shake it in the air so dust fly’s off. Take a picture of the area and BAM! ORBS!

Okay, so by now you should have picked up on the smart ass factor here. LMAO.

This post was inspired by a nameless site I saw with tons of “paranormal” photo’s that where laughable at best. So I thought I would show you just how simple it is to fake or to accidently take pictures such as these.

Lets keep going!

Let’s see what happens when your hands and fingers get in or close to the lens while taking a picture.



These two are a combo of a finger and cat hair.



With finger.

This is what happens when your finger is barely above the lens.

Now lets look at hair. Some of these also have finger shadows.



The hardest part about taking these pictures was trying to pull just one hair from my head! 😉

Finally lets look at cigarette smoke. In some of these you will need to click to see the large picture to see the “ghost”!







The last one is my favorite because you can see up in the top left corner that I have managed to photo a “DEMON”! Can you see the head with the horns? I can! Damn I’m good! 😉

In conclusion, please please please use your common sense when looking at photo’s claiming to be paranormal. What’s sad is that I could send these photo’s to a number of paranormal investigation groups and would get the response that I captured ghosts in these photo’s.

In fact, I didn’t watermark these photo’s because I’m curious to see how long it takes for people to grab them and try to pass them off as real. LOL


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