February 29, 2016 1:14 pm

They’ve investigated haunted hotspots all over America, but there’s at least one legendary building that TV’s most famous ghost hunting plumbers aren’t getting into. This week the managers of Connecticut’s abandoned Fairfield Hills Hospital denied SyFy channel’s Ghost Hunters access to the infamous building.

Known for it’s tortuous “rehabilitation” techniques like frontal lobatamies and electric shock therapy, Fairfield Hills Hospital had notoriously horrible reputation long before paranormal investigators were trying to access it. Everyone from former caretakers to former patients recall that there was always something strange about the building.

“I still have nightmares about the place,” wrote one patient, “it was simply a warehouse for the insane and the vast majority of employees had no real training in the care of the mentally ill.”

Shortly after the hospital closed in the late 70’s, terrifying stories began to pour in from less-than-legal visitors who reported brushes with a ghostly woman in white, menacing members of “satanic cults”, and of course, the local police force. While these stories certainly helped spread a morbid interest in the building, it wasn’t until an episode of MTV’s classic reality show FEAR was filmed on the grounds that the hospital gained national attention for its haunted history, inciting a slew of tresspassing and vandalism on the property.

Now, Ghost Hunters wants in on the action but the caretakers are saying no way. On Monday night the Fairfield Hills Authority voted against letting the popular reality show film in the remaining buildings, citing their concerns about drawing more unwanted attention to the building.

“It would just be too disruptive,” authority member Ross Carley told the News Times.

Instead, the community has decided to focus less on the dark past of the building, but on the bright future of the property. The Fairfield Hills Authority is currently in the process of transforming the remaining buildings into “a thriving municipal, recreational, cultural and commercial center.” The ghosts are just an added bonus.



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This post was written by Nadia Vella