March 6, 2016 5:42 pm

The Night Delivery follows Max, Bryce and Rich, three disgruntled grocery employees as they make the last delivery of the day. For some time they have used their position to steal from unsuspecting customers while inside their homes. But what they do not know, is their disingenuous behavior has caught the attention of a demonic creature, the Akoman.

Despite reservations from Max, the group reaches their destination. They quickly split into two groups, Max will check on the deranged homeowner, Ramsey, while Bryce and Rich find the valuables.

As Max begins his ascension to the second floor, he stumbles upon a horrific sight. The Akoman has already laid claim to Ramsey’s body and mind. Stumbling from the room in search of his coworkers he fails to realize they are already in a fight for their own lives. That’s when things go from bad, to worse.

The last delivery they will ever make has begun.

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Shooting mid-March, Monster Tale Films will make the legend of the Akoman come to life.  They’re currently raising funds via Kickstarter, and have already eclipsed the half-way point.  Approaching the home stretch they’re seeking support to finish their campaign, and bring this horror short to the screen.

You can find more information about their project here: The Night Delivery and visit their website at Monster Tale Films.

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