March 26, 2016 11:28 am

These kayakers came across an abandoned 110-year-old ghost ship in a tributary just off the Ohio River. The photos are cool, but what’s more incredible is the history of this ship, and the things it has seen before it’s current resting place! Scroll down to see for yourself…

One day, this kayaker and some friends came across what looked like an old ship-wreck in a tributary of the Ohio River…


Getting closer, they decided to get out and have a look around…


The ship turned out to be 110 years old, but still structurally sound enough to explore…


Plant life was growing up through the base of the ship…


There was some kind of engine machinery still on board…


It looked like it had been sitting there for decades…


Little did they know, the ship has quite the unusual past. Many years ago, it was used as a sight-seeing vessel in New York City…


It was also repurposed to fight in both World Wars…


Thomas Edison once used the ship once for scientific experiments in communications technology.


It even had a cameo in Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” music video. (Yes! That’s really the same boat!)


In the late 1980’s, the ship was taken out of commission, and transported to a tributary near land that belonged to the ship’s owner. It has rested there ever since.


This old rope still holds the ghost ship in place.


It remains there today, rusting and silently watching the passing of the seasons.


If you do a little internet research, you can discover the precise location of the ghost ship, but we won’t post the coordinates here. There are rumors that some curious sight-seers have been chased off the neighboring land by property-owners with shotguns. So if you do decide to see it for yourself, a kayak or canoe might be your safest bet!


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