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Monster Shrink and Dr. Dani’s Fireside Vlog are two female-driven, independently produced, web series which center around Dr. Dani, a funny little psychiatrist, who just happens to be the go-to shrink for everything ghoulish and ghastly.

The first season of Monster Shrink is comprised of nine episodes of therapy sessions. Monsters include Dracula who’s having a mid-death crisis, Frankenstein’s Monster and his daddy issues, Zelda the Zombie, a party girl and a valley girl who’s just so tired of eating brains. Also in the first season, successful comedian and TV actor (Outsourced, Sean Saves The World) Parvesh Cheena makes a guest appearance as The Grim Reaper who desperately wants to meet a girl, but can’t because he inadvertently kills everyone he touches.

Recently, the Monster Shrink producers launched a second show, Monster Shrink: Dr. Dani’s Fireside Vlog. This series of shorts has Dr. Dani dispensing essential monster wisdom on a weekly basis. Over 20 episodes of the Vlog are currently posted on the Monster Shrink YouTube channel with new ones being released every Tuesday morning.

They are also planning to release Inside the Coffin, a behind the scenes look at the making of Monster Shrink, which will include DIY episodes on how to do monster makeup, cast and crew photos and never before seen blooper reels.

Monster Shrink, The Fireside Vlog and Inside the Coffin creators Val Stulman & J.T. Shannon produce the Monster Shrink shows along with actor, Sarah Allyn Bauer and Roger S. Christiansen, a successful Disney TV director.

Val and J.T. met while they were MFA students in Screenwriting at the University of California, Riverside. After writing the first season, they brought fellow UCR alumna, Sarah Allyn Bauer, and good friend, Roger Christiansen, onboard.

Regular cast members include Val Stulman as Dr. Dani with Sarah Allyn Bauer and UCR alumnus, Aaron Pressburg, in various recurring roles. Guest stars include: Chip Bolcik, Parvesh Cheena, Matt Crabtree, Melissa Harkness, Jeremy Scott Johnson and Jeff Witzke.

You can find all the Monster Shrink shows at youtube.com/c/monstershrink and more information at monstershrink.com.

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