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Buddhism embraces that there is an ethereal library that contains all of the knowledge of the universe. The knowledge kept at this library is known at the Akashic Records. It is said that in the Akashic Records all of the experiences, thoughts and ideas from all living things are contained at this library for permanence. So can an ethereal library such as the Akashic Records really exist?
The answer is a resounding “yes”. Buddhism received information about this library from a higher source. This higher source is most likely the work of extraterrestrials.

Higher sources seem to be concerned with our history. Case example, in our Bible, the descendants of Adam and Eve are recorded for posterity. The angel Moroni is most likely the culprit that placed the idea of collecting all family histories in the mind of Joseph Smith. The Church of Latter-Day Saints has the most extensive genealogy data base in the world. I don’t believe this idea of collecting family histories was something Joseph Smith invented. Joseph Smith was groomed by the angel Moroni, who represents a higher source. Our recorded family histories is part of the Akashic Records.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Answer: “True”, so therefore all of our thoughts, ideas and experiences travel through brain waves. When you are having a thought, your neurons generate a wave, those waves can either be Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma or Theta. Those brain waves are not destroyed. Your experience for the first time driving a car still exists somewhere in our atmosphere or in space. Those brains waves most likely will connect eventually to the Akashic Records.

“My life flashed before my eyes” is a common expression used to describe the widely reported phenomenon of your life review. This experience happens to a person during a near-death crisis and they receive a detailed flashback of their life in chronological order. This tells me that if there will be a judgement day, it will be easy for a higher source to see your life’s accomplishments and failures, because your brain contains all of the information of your life. The higher source would be able to extract that information and observe your complete life and pass judgement upon you.
This information obtained from a person would also be filed away in the Akashic Records.

I believe the Akashic Records would contain information from the minds of ALL living creatures, from human to alien to animals, even a bug like an ant. An ant has 250,000 brain cells. Those brain cells contain information of that ant’s life, what this ant saw, what this ant experienced. All of this information will be in the Akashic Records.

All energy created information would be filed in the Akashic Records. Everything found on the Internet. All of the emails ever created by humans. Every website, every blog. Nothing is ever destroyed on the Super Information Highway – the Internet. If one day, you are typing a hateful email to your boss and at the last minute decide not to send it. You then delete the email and in your mind, the email no longer exists. Well, you’re wrong, that email still exists, it’s energy, it’s radio waves and somewhere in the atmosphere that hateful email exists.

You are probably wondering. Before there was the Internet, how would books that were written long ago preserved. Answer: “Two ways.” 1. Whoever reads a book, contains that information in their mind. That is where energy comes to play. The information from that book is now energized and is contained permanently in your mind. 2. Let’s say Archimedes is writing on a papyrus scroll, the light hitting that scroll and allowing Archimedes to continue writing on it, is energized. Since Archimedes is able to read what he is writing, light is reflecting from that scroll. The light is energy. The writing on the scroll will now exist forever. So all of the writings in the Library of Alexandria exist in either light form or thought form. Those destroyed papyrus scrolls from the Library of Alexandria are now part of the ethereal realm, the Akashic Records.

Edgar Cayce – psychic medium made claim that he was able to access the Akashic Records. Many mediums now claim that they have this same ability. My wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson – a sensitive feels that she has accessed the Akashic Records. Before she even knew what the Akashic Records were, she found herself in this esoteric realm obtaining information from this great library of the universe. A medium that does not want to be identified, claims that the thoughts of all living things in the universe are kept at the Akashic Records, confirming what I have written in this article. The same medium says that all historical accounts of the universe are recorded, every war, every battle, every discovery, every great event is permanently recorded.

The Akashic Records is a place of energized information. All TV shows, all radio shows, all internet information, all experiences from all of the living minds in the universe are kept in this universal library. When entering the Akashic Records you will have the knowledge of the Universe.


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This post was written by Paul Roberts