October 18, 2016 7:34 am

A boy imprisoned by an abusive recluse mother alone in a mansion in the 1920s begins to get ideas of his own when a goblin in his closet comforts him in the dark.

The Goblin is a mix between Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal and David Lynch’s Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me.

Simon and the goblin in Wyatt Michael’s The Goblin – 2017

The Goblin, written and directed by Wyatt Michael, was incredibly difficult to film, being that it is a Period Piece Thriller, has a child lead actor, live animals, and an animatronic puppet lead character. It is Writer / Director Wyatt Michael’s first film of this caliber and everyone involved is immensely proud of the production.

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As everyone knows, films like this are costly. The Goblin is now in Post Production and is preparing for film festival entries! We are starting a Kickstarter Campaign to help with the Post Production costs, which are very much needed to actually finish this film. During this phase of the filmmaking process, The Goblin is being edited with special effects, music, color grading, sound effects, sound editing, and more. It takes many months of work and we really need your help with the cost for all the things involved with it. Additional costs include promotion and film festival entry which really racks up thousands of dollars. This film was done entirely low budget indie and every dollar donated (with Perks!) will help tremendously with these costs.

Robert Levey II as Simon – The Goblin 2017

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