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Digging hands into the dirt
I can feel the Earth
Fresh and old
I don’t know the worth
What do they sow?
The five fingers of ours
Of energy & stars
Where can they
Reach & go
Where they do
Teach & glow
In obedience
To a measure of
Circumstance and resolution
To the movement
Of cosmic dances

Pentacles of the Tarot

The pentacles of a card deck take form into the concepts of material possessions and income. This is summarized in the form of a five pointed star, within a circle. Typically, it is a metallic color. There are 14 pentacle cards in the tarot. They start from the ace and end with a king.

Pentacles are known to represent the Earth and the season of autumn. In society today, we find that they are very similar to a pentagram, which represents all five elements of magick. Next, I am going to summarize to you, the popular connotations to each card in this category;

An ace with any other will strengthen and add good fortune to each reading. Expect things to go the right way. This is a dominant card with many positive meanings. It represents the present moment more than anything else and suggests a focus on finances. Try not to spend much time obsessing on money and just let it flow.

On the reverse, this card indicates subtle changes at a place of work.It can be magnified, however by the cards in the area, so play close attention. Do not stress too much about how to attract materialisms and instead, focus on how to find happiness.

This is a good omen. The number two represents duality and balance.There are things in life that are going to be weighed to benefit us.This is one of those times. Send out your love in all that you do and nothing can go wrong.

Two of pentacles reversed signals that things may become out of order, if we do not prioritize. This can be any aspect of your life, from relationships to business. Try to slowly fix things, any quick movements here and they can quickly fall apart.

Three of pentacles represent manifestation and completion. It is the flashpoint of all the work being developed, as we speak. It is spiritual, material and stable. Although projects are building, take a time out to breathe, knowing that when on arrival, we can work better than before and truly grow into ourselves, as masters of reality. Seek collaborations.

Three of pentacles reversed signals that there is poor planning, weak structuring and lack of cooperation. Try to seek the advice of someone established in the community, to further understand all angles of a project or relationship.


Four of pentacles upright are a stern and obstructive view on financial and emotional matters. Too many times we tie these things together, only to have one side go out of balance, causing an overwhelming surge of negative feelings. Unfortunately, focusing on unimportant things too much can cause depression. Work hard to balance life.

Perhaps there is a lust inside, that can never be filled, no matter. The best bet here is to soothe the beast to sleep, with beauty and spiritual songs. Having greed will never serve well, in a world where there is more to buy than to sell. Having things will not change us; it’s a mood that’s causing this short burst of happiness. Try learning happiness without frivolous spending involved.

Five of pentacles suggest that times of economic hardship, lackluster love life and unfulfillment are coming soon. Focusing on negative things can often leave us blind to what is right in front of us. Why there is surely something good around, if we believe in it.


Something bad has occurred in the past, which leaves us with little faith. Each moment we breathe, is a gift of the spirit world. Reach out to people in the world who make joyful moments in our lives, because they are who really matters.


Six of pentacles are a lucky sign. This lets us know that things are going the way they should. Expect to hear some good news. Everything is going to be fine. Enjoy the moments while they last because life has a funny way of catching us in unexpected positions.

Reversed this card symbolizes debts, poor judgment with finances and corruption of charities. If this is a relationship, it is signifying an unequal one in which someone is feeling inadequate. Reach out and do a good deed for someone.

This card represents a vacation, a pause in work or other financial and emotional breaks. Take strength in all that has been built, to this moment and relax in a productive way. Do not worry about the future ahead; the work that has been done will surely pay off.

Reversed symbolizing a bad return on time put in. An unfair event that may leave us feeling life is unfair. Trust in the work put into situations but, do not have unrealistic expectations. Take a break to get a new view and perspective.


The eight of pentacles shows us that there is time to make an improvement in any situation. There seems to be a standstill, where things are going steady and not increasing. It’s the present which we will benefit from, making a move in, to create better quality life for ourselves.

Let go of idealizations of certain goals. There is a level of frustration surfacing that needs to be calmed. Try to look inside and follow your heart. It’s time to learn patience, tough lessons and reality checks. Great empires are not built in a day. Take the moment to appreciate the long journey ahead.


Nine of pentacles symbolize achievements, comfort and ripened fruits.Express gratitude for what we have because it won’t be long before we are moving into the next plane of existence, leaving it all behind.There is no need to hurry into the future. Work hard for it.


There is a small obstruction in the way of material matters. This may mean a mistake, flailing relationship or unwise decision. It is no worry, because oftentimes the knowledge we learn from these events, greatly benefits us in the future to come.

This is a very lucky card to pull. The ten shows us that these are times of spiritual and material enjoyment. Don’t forget about those around us, which may need us, when we are soaring through the joy of life. Just because things are going good right now, maybe they are not for someone else.

Things are going so good that sometimes, that is when the thief comes to call. Don’t let the way things are going cause a sense of boredom. Stay diligent and protect what blessings we have, or someone else may take them right out from under us.


Eleven of pentacles stand for someone who is riding between realms. They bring messages of hope, peace and enlightenment. With them, comes a beautiful energy that leaves that entire area in the wake and feeling the same sense of nobility and divine love. Be friendly to those around, to help spread the cheer.


This card stands in separation from the world. Disillusionment is going to end in a disappointment. Expect bad news. Do not let it run your day though, be strong and take in the lessons learned. Light candles and say special prayers to raise the positivity.

The knight is a protector and guardian of his kingdom and Queen. Although not directly rooted to them, he loves them all the same. This can signify someone around of authority and grace. It represents contentment and joy of the finer things in life, for just reward.

The knight reversed is an overly sensitive individual. He (or she) is unreserved in emotions and oftentimes brings others down with their issues. Try to be the supporter, whether it is financial or emotional.This person is of good intent, allow them to vent.


The queen of pentacles is an indicator that items will be brought into, or changed in the home or relationships. A nurturing environment is important because, at any moment, our stability can be ripped from us.We seek to find comfort and understanding of ourselves through spaces.

Reversed the queen of pentacles represents too much spending and care in the home. Remember that we are not living to indulge but, simply to be.Stress can literally kill us and overspending can cause health problems, after the money has worn away. Try to get out and explore.

The king of pentacles indicates worldly success and enrichment. There must be something amazing coming our way soon, all that we were meant to have. Please be kind to others and humble, as the gods are surely watching over us, giving these days away, selflessly.


Reversed is still a good omen. Be sure to concentrate on other areas of life, which may not be going quite a well as financial matters. Check health problems often and be sure to get plenty of exercise. When we are doing well, the focus tends to stay on those things that make us happy and we can easily forget about other things, which are just as important but, are easy enough to overlook.

Pentacles of the Tarot

Whether by chance or nature, everything seems to come into cycles. The same motions are thought out by so many of us. Is fate inevitable, or will we surface at the peak of a spiritual summit and realize our metamorphous from the shadows?

The pentacles of the tarot remind us that life is full of comfort and leisure, if we know where to look for it, how to enjoy and let go of things that hold us back from living. A little bit of fun can last us a long time mentally but, remember the weather is going to be changing soon, be prepared. The sun chases out the night, we return, one by one back to the source, or even farther, to the unknown of truth and continue with hope…

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka Wishfire
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)


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