January 4, 2017 9:07 am

Can you imagine anything worse than coming off a 24-hour shift at work and realising there’s potentially a poltergeist in your apartment? I sure can’t.

YouTube user Rusty Johnson explained he had noticed some weird goings on in his house so set up a video camera to record everything that happened when he was out and about.

After a long old shift at work, Rusty came home to find a lot of his belongings scattered across the kitchen floor and decided to watch the footage, according to the Daily Star.

What happened next terrified him beyond compare and now he’s even considering breaking his lease and leaving his apartment.

The video, shared to YouTube, shows numerous things being thrown around the kitchen by an invisible entity. An orange jug, cutlery, and several pieces of paper are launched to the ground by an unknown force.

Writing about his experience, Rusty wrote:

“I had a 24 Hour CQ Shift at work from 9AM Thursday until 9AM Friday. I came home to find a few things out of place and decided to review the footage… It scared the absolute hell out of me watching it.

I was probably being paranoid, but it felt like I could feel someone or something looking at me. Like I could feel its presence, and it did give me chills. I had the most horrible feeling and I had this anger running through me even though I had nothing to be angry about.”

He added:

“This freaked me out and has kind of pushed me to my limit. I’m seriously considering breaking my lease to move.”

If the video turns out to be legit then I can 100 per cent sympathise with ol’ Rusty. I would not want to be spending my evenings in that apartment under any circumstances whatsoever…

If you enjoyed the clip then be sure to head over to Rusty’s channel where he has plenty more of them…

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