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The Kelly-Hopkinsville sighting (AKA: Kelly Green Men case or Hop-town Chicken heads) is a report of an extraterrestrial landing and possible attack of tiny beings that happened near Kelly and Hopkinsville on the Tennessee /Kentucky border.  The year was 1955 and it happened in Christian county, Kentucky. Some people think that it was just the imagination of the people who saw it. However, even more people consider it one of the most powerful cases of UFO visitation ever.


On the night sticky of August 21, 1955, seven children and five adults came, in an uproar, to the Hopkinsville police department.  They all claimed that they had been attacked and threatened by small alien creatures at their rural farm.  They also claimed to the police that they had been fighting the creatures for several hours. Two young men, named Elmer Sutton and Billy Ray Taylor claimed they had been shooting at about “twelve to fifteen” short dark creatures.  The family that lived in the residence consisted of Glennie Lankford, her children, Lonnie, Charlton, and Mary.

Two older sons from a previous marriage, Elmer Sutton, John Charley Sutton, and their wives, Alene and Vera, Alene’s Brother O.P Baker, and Billy Taylor and his wife June. The Taylors and Elmer and Vera were all carnival workers that just happened to be visiting the farm that night.  Concerned about serious trouble and all the shooting, the local Sherriff and his Deputies, four city police, five state troopers, and four soldiers from Ft. Campbell headed out to the farm located in the burg of Kelly in Christian County Kentucky.  However, the only things found were some evidence of gunfire and holes in the screen where the bullets had gone through.  Neighbors told law enforcement the next day that the two families had left about three o’clock in the morning when they claimed the creatures had come back to terrorize them.

Nationwide News:

This story made the national news but, in time, the story got larger and larger and more bizarre.  The first news articles written did not mention “Little green men” and, in fact, the victims of this attack had never claimed that.  Some people claimed sizes anywhere from 2 to 4 feet. Also it was claimed features such as horns, antenna, glowing eyes and long legs were seen.

What were the Hopkinsville Hobgoblins?

Some people that have researched the story claim that the only thing seen by the families were Great Horned Owls.  They assert that Owls are nocturnal, fly silently, have big yellow eyes and they also defend their nests very protectively. Skeptics also suggest that there could have possibly been a meteor shower on the night in question and that that is the explanation for the bright streaks of light.


A noted U.F.O researcher claims to have checked into the report of police and Army investigators and found that there is no proof of any investigation being done by either group. One of the neighbors reportedly said that an Air Force Officer showed up the next day. However, the fact is there is no Air Force base near the area.  There is in fact an Army Base,Ft.Campbell, that is located near the event and that is who showed up to investigate the claims.

Have the goblins returned?

The following is from an email sent to ghost hunters Inc.

Dear Sir, I have been living in a rural home on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee for around six months. My family and I have been assaulted nightly by what I believe to be creatures from another world. These creatures have the size of a small child. They have no facial features except two large oily eyes and a thin lipless mouth. They frighten my children by peeping in their windows and chirping to one another. They have tried to enter my home on numerous occasions. Last month they took my dog. The police will not do anything. They say the problem is with wild animals and not beings from outer space. I believe that these creatures are coming from an abandoned mine on my property. Can you help me?


Have the goblins returned? That’s anyone’s guess. Did they ever exist? The folks that reported the strange encounters seemed to believe these creatures were real. I’ll just ask you to do some of your own further research and make up your own mind about these strange encounters.

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