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As a ghost hunter, I have visited many interesting grave sites. Some of the grave sites that I have visited are Elizabeth Short aka The Black Dahlia; Oakland Hell’s Angels; Guyana ‘Peoples’ Temple’ mass grave; John Sutter; Marie LaVeau – Louisiana Creole Voodoo Practitioner; Jim Morrison at Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France; Henry McCarty aka William H. Bonney aka Billy the Kid; Napoleon Bonaparte; Alexander Hamilton Willard – Member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition; Vladimir Ilyich Lenin’s Tomb at the Red Square in Moscow. Special Note: Also visited some of the Russian Cosmonauts graves while in Moscow, Russia.

The three that I find extremely interesting are Billy the Kid’s Grave in New Mexico, Jim Morrison’s grave in Paris and Napoleon Bonaparte’s Grave at Les Invalides – Paris, France. The reason being is that the ghosts of Billy the Kid, Jim Morrison and Napoleon Bonaparte seem to linger around.

What I find fascinating about Billy the Kid is that everything that he is credited for, like killing 21 men may just be fabricated by dime novel writers. Billy the Kid had a cool name and with a cool name, you become a legend instantly. Take for example Machine Gun Kelly. Just because he had a cool name, dime store novelists credited him for all kinds of crimes that he wasn’t even involved in. When Billy the Kid was killed by Pat Garrett, he was probably not ready to go into the white light and that is why to this very day, people see him wandering around Lincoln, New Mexico. He has also been seen at the old jail at Lincoln. The sighting at the jail is probably residual and not intelligent. Billy has also been sighted in other parts of New Mexico where he either lived or worked.

Michael Amos of New Mexico claims that at a ranch in New Mexico, he was approached by Billy the Kid’s ghost and Billy the Kid tells him to be careful with a certain horse, that the horse has a nasty kick. Michael was stunned, because he could see through Billy and Billy faded away, right before his eyes. Michael says that the facial features resembled that of the famous Billy the Kid photo. Other famous ghosts that came back like Billy are Jim Morrison’s ghost. Karen Jean Walker says that she was sitting in her apartment and Jim Morrison appeared next to her and gave her advice on how to live a better life. Jim actually sat next to her and looked her straight in the eye. After he gave her this advice, he vanished. Many people throughout the world, claim to have seen Jim Morrison’s ghost. Diane Fugate says that she was at an after party with friends and they were talking about how Jim Morrison may have been a serial killer, because at every concert he performed at, there was either a missing girl or a dead girl and that some people suspected Jim of killing groupies. Diane says that after everyone left the after hour party, she was walking home and around the corner appeared Jim Morrison. Jim gave Diane a stern look and yelled: “Not true!!” Diane says she fainted and fortunately someone from the after hour party found her laying in the street unconscious. Diane says she will never run her mouth about Jim Morrison again.

Billy the Kid lived an adventurous life and it appears that his life after death continues to be adventurous. Here is an unusual story about Billy the Kid called “Joaquin Murrieta Meets Billy the Kid”, see link here:http://www.labyrinthina.com/the-bermuda-triangle-fog.html

Here is another story, Melissa Bryan who says she is the reincarnation of the wife of Billy the Kid:

When I was in Paris, France, I visited Jim Morrison’s grave and Napoleon Bonaparte’s grave. Several witnesses have claimed that they have seen Napoleon Bonaparte’s ghost wandering around the streets of Paris, France. Jenkins Zarate says that he actually saw the ghost of Napoleon Bonaparte riding a horse in Paris. Napoleon looked down on Jenkins and said that he was not pleased with the progress of France and that Frances disappoints him.

According to: http://shannonselin.com/2016/10/napoleons-ghost/ – the ghost of Napoleon Bonaparte is still hanging out in Paris, here is their report:

“Given the huge influence that Napoleon Bonaparte had during his lifetime, it’s not surprising that his ghost has popped up from time to time since his death. The Museum of The Black Watch has transcribed a letter describing a British soldier’s encounter with Napoleon’s ghost during the removal of Napoleon’s remains from St. Helena to France in 1840. Albert Dieudonné, who played Napoleon in Abel Gance’s 1927 film of that name, talked about spooking a night watchman at the Château de Fontainebleau who claimed to be visited by Napoleon’s ghost. The following story about Napoleon’s ghost first appeared in British newspapers in January 1832.

The Ghost of Napoleon
At the Mansion House on Saturday, M. Pierre de Blois, a French gentleman who resides in chambers in Leadenhall Street, was summoned before the Lord Mayor for beating Rafael Spaglietti, an image seller, and breaking a very fine bust of Napoleon Buonaparte.

It appeared that the Italian went upstairs to the defendant’s room door, at the top of which there was a glass; he raised up the head of the image, which was made of pale clay, to the glass and said softly, ‘buy my ghost of Napoleon.’ M. de Blois, who had known the Emperor, thought he saw his ghost, and exclaiming ‘Oh, Christ, save us!’ fell on the floor in a fit. The Italian, seeing no chance of a sale that day, went away and returned the next. M. de Blois, in the meantime, had recovered from his fit, and hearing how his terror had been excited, felt so indignant that the moment he saw Spaglietti at his door the next day, he flew at him and tumbled him and the Emperor downstairs together.

It happened that a confectioner’s man was that moment coming upstairs with a giblet pie to a Mr. Wilson, who resided in the chambers, and the Emperor and the Italian, in their descent, alighted on his tray, which broke their fall and saved the Italian’s head, but could not save Napoleon’s, which was totally destroyed – the giblet pie also suffered so much from the collision that Mr. Wilson refused to have anything to do with it. After a good deal of explanation by the parties, and a good deal of laugher amongst the auditors, M. de Blois agreed to pay for the pie, and Mr. Wilson generously paid for the loss of the Emperor.”

So as you can see, it appears that some famous ghosts like to stick around on this Earthly plane. They are probably interested on how they are portrayed with the general public and media. According to psychologists that most people that are famous or are in the limelight have basic narcissistic personalities. Billy, Jim and Napoleon probably enjoy hearing people talk about them, long after death and because of that, they stick around here on Earth.

Special Note: I am not a psychic, but I definitely felt spirit presences at Westminster Abbey in England, Stonehenge, Tower of London and the Bridge on the River Kwai in Thailand. The atmosphere at these 4 places were extremely heavy, you could cut it with a butter knife. Westminster Abbey and Stonehenge was heavy positive energy, while the Tower of London and The Bridge on the River Kwai was thick negative energy.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior

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