February 9, 2017 1:05 pm

We have two massive, life-changing eclipses coming up this month!

How will you deal?

February might be a short month, but it will feel long as hell thanks to two extremely emotional eclipses (one in dramatic Leo and another in sensitive Pisces). Eclipses typically bring life-changing revelations, endings, and new beginnings. How will you do during this intense month? Read your horoscope to find out:


This is a big month for money and relationships, Aquarius.


There’s an eclipse in your sign this month, Pisces! Your life will not be the same by the time February is through.


Major transformations will take place in your life this month, Aries. Are you tough enough for eclipse season?


February brings a lot of drama for such a short month. How will you deal with eclipse season?


You will need to take care of your health and at the same time not take stress at your work place.


You are especially sensitive to eclipses, Cancer, so February will be intense for you!


This is a huge month for self discovery, Leo. There’s an eclipse in your sign!


February is huge for your relationships, Virgo, and new information will come to light as well.


Whatever happens this month is meant to be, Libra—and what happens will most likely involve a lot of drama and theatrics.


Eclipses are hyper emotional, life-altering, secret-revealing times, which means obviously means you love them, Scorpio.


Are you ready to have your foundations shaken and your point of view forever altered, Sagittarius?


February is exciting and exhausting, Capricorn. It’s also a big month for healing and communication.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella