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5/7/2017, Sunday: On this day, Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I, explored the Empire Mine State Historical Park. Just to let you know, this mine is very haunted. In fact all mines are haunted. The reason being is that the miners worked under harsh conditions and there were many accidents and deaths. Even to this day, miners find themselves in hazardous conditions that lead to severe injuries and death.

Empire Mine State Historical Park is no exception to the rule. There are reports of tourists, hikers seeing apparitions at this mine. Donna Hoffman, a tourist saw a raggedy dress man with a pick ax, pounding on a rock. The unusual thing about this was that Donna did not hear any noise emanating from the rock being hit by a pick ax. She thought this was odd. She yelled out at the miner…”did you find any gold?” The miner looked at her and faded away in front of her.

Donna Hoffman felt instant fear when the miner vanished. Donna realized she had just seen a ghost. My psychic wife Deanna saw the apparition of a Native American Indian. The ghostly Indian was shirtless and sported long braided hair that went to his waist. He had a red like bow (maybe a head band) on his head. Deanna and I, hiked 5 miles around this historical park and she saw the ghostly Indian on one of the many trails we walked on.

Another factor of the paranormal side is that it appears that UFOs are seen a lot around former gold mines. Empire Mine is one of them. Here is an example of a MUFON case in which a UFO is spotted in Grass Valley.

MUFON Case #76704 describes a UFO in Grass Valley. The UFO had the appearance of changing shape.

“At 7:30 PM on Saturday, May 28, 2016, the witness noticed an object while standing on his deck, where it appeared as a small dot in the sky, moving upward from east to south. It later changed direction, stopping completely before moving up over a cloud, after which it “slowly faded from sight.”

During the event, which lasted about 7 minutes, he called for his roommate to get a camera, and they took five photographs. Strangely, however, when viewing the photographs, the object appears differently in each one.

In the first, the object appears very solid, though in another it looks almost like an orb. The final image, strangest of all, shows it as a golden bell-shaped object with smaller spheres at its bottom.

To the naked eye, says the witness, the object appeared spherical and reflective, though it would seemingly “dim” at times. It did not, however, give off its own light.”

HPI (Halo Paranormal Investigations) receives many reports of UFO activity in Grass Valley. HPI has investigated two UFO reports in Grass Valley that lead to exciting results. In one of the investigations, a UFO powered up in front of many witnesses as Deanna summoned for a sign from the UFO using the power of crystal skulls. The investigators observed strange phenomenon in the skies, as bright objects moved erratically in the night skies at incredible speeds.

Michael Danube from Murphys is an independent paranormal researcher and says that he interviewed two witnesses at the Empire Mine that saw a green lit object the size of a basketball move about in and around the trees at Empire Mine. When Michael investigated Empire Mine he did not get any UFO evidence, but he did get 2 Class A EVPs. One EVP was of a male voice saying: “Get away from there!” The other EVP, again a male voice saying: “Not today, not today!” Michael feels the EVPs are residual in nature and may be the captured voices of miners of yesterday. The voices may be imprinted in the surrounding atmosphere. I would have to agree with Michael’s theory.

I also wonder if the green lit basketball sized UFO seen at Empire Mine was some sort of probing device. A device that may be seeking gold at this historical site.

Empire Mine is a great place to see wildlife. During our hikes we encountered many squirrels, birds and lizards. Empire Mine has a lot of history and is a great place to visit and learn about the early life of citizens in California. Time after time, I hear ghost hunting groups tell me that they have no places to investigate. My answer: Investigate Empire Mine, I don’t think you will be disappointed. There are many ghosts at this mine and if the conditions are right, you will get evidence. One ghost hunting group says they captured a lot of misty images in their photographs while investigating Empire Mine. The ghost hunting group has no explanation on how the mist was captured in 7 of their photos.


Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)


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