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When my cousin former Vietnam veteran Master Sergeant Paul Leaird of the 1st Calvary Division visited Indonesia during his R&R from the war that was raging in Vietnam, he stated to me that Indonesia was very haunted. As a boy, I was very interested in the paranormal since I experienced the paranormal at a young age in Fresno, California. I was always full of questions that leaned towards the supernatural. When I asked my cousin Paul if he ever witnessed anything paranormal in Indonesia, his answer was an affirmative yes.

Cousin Paul stated that in his hotel room, he heard the closet door open and was very tired and went back to sleep. He felt something move his bed and he looked up and saw an old man looking down on him. He was very startled and when he yelled..”who are you?” The old man disappeared.

Doing a bit of research, I discovered that Indonesia is very haunted. If I were to write about every ghost in Indonesia, I would be writing a big thick book. I will name just a few in this article.

At Lawang Sewu, Semarang, you will be amazed on how beautiful this historic building is. The building has architecture that majestically stands out among other buildings and looking at this building, you can feel the history that radiates throughout the atmosphere around this structure. A local ghosthunting show in Indonesia conducted an investigation of this building and shortly afterwards, a ghosthunter mysterious dies after the investigation. The building’s history shows of the success of the Dutch people. The building has a complex set of underground tunnels that were used for moving goods from Lawang Sewu to the Governor’s mansion. The tunnels were also used for a cooling system in the building. When the Japanese occupied Indonesia, they used the tunnels at Building B as a prison. In this tunnel prison, they tortured their inmates and some inmates were beheaded. A large mound of skulls was found in one area of the basement. In the tower, a little girl ghost is seen running around. The history of this little girl ghost is that she committed suicide to escape the torture of Japanese soldiers. Locals call her “The Tower Suicide Girl”.

In October 19, 1987, 2 trains collided head-on. The cause of the crash was internal miscommunication. 100 souls were lost that day. Some victims were crushed by metal, others were thrown out of the train to their deaths. After this incident, people claim that they see ghosts all over this area. Many car accidents happen in this area, especially on Mondays. There are cars that are hit by trains. Pedestrians that are hit by trains. Most recently in 2013 an oil tanker was hit by a train and 7 people lost their lives. There are many witnesses that see ghost trains riding the rails late at night and when you look in the windows of these ghost trains, you see the victims looking out the window. Locals says this area is cursed. I would have to agree.

Some locals who adventure into the jungles of Indonesia claim to see a ghost of a man floating in the air. This ghost has no hands, no feet and a mangled half eaten face. Local ghosthunters in Indonesia theorize that they could possibly be seeing the ghost of Mike de Guzman. Mike de Guzman was a Filipino Bre-X geologist that possibly may have committed suicide by jumping out of a military helicopter over the jungles of Busang, Indonesia. Mike de Guzman was a con-artist and swindler that was involved in the Bre-X Fake Gold Scandal. The movie Gold, as seen here:
was loosely based on the story of the Bre-X scandal. Another theory on how Mike de Guzman died is that after he committed his fraud by delivering an ore sample salted with gold dust and made claim that they made a “strike” he was arrested for deceiving the Indonesia government. With the fake gold mine arrest, the military took him up in a military helicopter, cut off his penis and threw him out of the helicopter to his death. When they found his body, he was missing his hands and feet. His face was completely mangled and looked like a tiger or maybe another type of wild animal ate his face. They were able to identify Mike de Guzman by his molars and thumb print. After a horrific death like this Mike de Guzman may still be haunting the jungle where he died.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior


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