October 30, 2018 1:39 pm

Halloween is a time when many people walk on the wild side, but one family may have gone too far.

They have created controversy by placing a number of gruesome decorations in their front yard, which also happens to be a few blocks away from an elementary school in Parma, Ohio.

The yard contains a cocooned corpse hanging from a tree, a body impaled on a stake and a cadaver upside down on a cross.

Although some have have said the horrific decor is too much for Halloween, others maintain that the family is just having fun and their decorations are appropriate, according to Cleveland 19.

Social media users took to Twitter to weigh in on the issue.

One man said: ‘They are fine

‘It’s Halloween have a little fun with it people need to get a backbone for gosh sakes #3Halloween.’

Another gentleman said: ‘They are decorations.

‘That’s it! People need to get a life and not blow everything out of proportion.’

Others did not agree and said the decorations went ‘too far’ and they were not fans of the family.

People have complained to the city about the display, but Parma officials said there is nothing they can do because the family has a right to freedom of expression, Local 12 reported.

Vicki Barrett and her husband may ‘tone it down’ if they find out that children are being frightened.

Then again, they might not.

She said: ‘We don’t want to scare kids.

‘We just want to do the Halloween fun of it and, you know, but definitely no ill intent, no.’

Meanwhile in Detroit, a woman who has been decorating her home the same way for 25 years has created a bit of controversy of her own because of what’s in her yard.

LaRethia Haddon puts a stuffed body in her front yard that attracts attention each year because it looks so lifelike, according to the Detroit News.

The body has drawn the attention of passers-by, emergency workers and even police.

Haddon said: ‘The corner is always full of cars.

‘People running up trying to do CPR. Once they find out it’s a dummy, it’s so hilarious.’

She started putting out the face down body in honor of her husband’s birthday on Halloween.

It has drawn so much attention that Haddon has started taking the corpse in after sundown.

Haddon said: ‘If you don’t bring him in at night, he won’t be there in the morning.

‘I learned my lesson. I have to bring him in at night.

‘But on Halloween, he stays out all night. I just keep my door open until we go to bed.’

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This post was written by Nadia Vella