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Every Monday, EVEN THE PODCAST IS AFRAID presents listeners with an extensively researched and comedic deep dive into the world of true crime, cults, demons, aliens, and macabre history. Created by Jared Ordis, EVEN THE PODCAST IS AFRAID features Ordis along with cohosts Nick Porchetta and Samantha Vazquez, who each bring their own different perspective to the table.

Jared Ordis Direct Quote, from Rue Morgue:

“Typically, when you think of true crime, paranormal, or horror podcasts, comedy doesn’t normally pop up. It can be really hard to find a balance between the macabre and being funny, but I think we have been able to lay that out successfully. We don’t leave any horrific subject untouched. Whether it’s real-life killers or fictional ghost stories, we want to lead you down the path to the darkest corners of history, while also making you laugh. We hold nothing back. While we don’t always take a serious approach to cases, we do hope that through our research we can shed some light on something new.”

Even the Podcast is Afraid has been featured not only in Rue Morgue, but made the list of Top 25 Horror & True Crime Podcasts in the October 2020 issue of Podcast Magazine, as voted on by listeners of the genre.

Even the Podcast is Afraid has, without a doubt, more variety in episodes than any podcast in the True Crime Comedy sub-genre. Listeners will be able to listen to episodes about a murderous “Lobster Boy” who was an American freak show performer with a genetic deformity. Or you can listen to an episode about Georgia’s Lake of the Dead, a man-made lake with tons of paranormal activity.

If you are a first time listeners, we recommend starting from the newest episode and working your way back. Below are some episodes from Even the Podcast is Afraid, to get new time listeners started:

Episode 85 | The Haunting of Borley Rectory

It’s about the most haunted house in England and includes the possible spirit of a nun, a skull found in a cabinet, and the ghost of a headless man driving a carriage. Plus, it includes some history on one of the most famous paranormal investigators at the time, Harry Price.

Episodes 78 & 79 | Exorcism of Roland Doe Parts I & II

Roland Doe is perhaps one of the most well-known recorded exorcisms since his is the case that inspired the novel & horror movie, The Exorcist. It also adds many questions like,  did this young boy  possibly fake his own possession? Plus, we dive into the basics of exorcisms and demonology.

Episode 81 | Serial Killer, Bela Kiss: The Perfect Kiss of Death

Bela Kiss, one of the scariest people you have never heard of and one of the scariest people never caught. Long before Jeffrey Dahmer was storing remains of his victims in large chemical barrels, Bela, the perfect kiss of death, was picking and pickling young women in 1800’s Hungary. Surely we can all agree that anyone with the last name Kiss is doomed to be either a killer or a porn star.

If you would like to give Even the Podcast is Afraid a listen, they are available on all podcast listening apps. All of the information to subscribe, and keep up with them on social media is below.

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